20 February 2010

Opi Hong Kong Collection 2010

This is a cool new nailpolish color from Opi's Hong Kong 2010 collection. The color is called "Jade is the New Black". I had a pedicure the other day and really wanted to try this color. I love it!

09 January 2010

CARGO Cosmetics 50% Off at Sephora Now!

I think Sephora is discontinuing http://www.sephora.com/browse/brand_hierarchy.jhtml?brandId=CARGO. Last month I took my friend Holly to Sephora to help her pick out a lipgloss. She dislikes sticky lipgloss, so I suggested Cargo, because theirs is soft and moist and feels more like lip balm than a traditionally sticky gloss. Cargo lipgloss used to come in the big round tin with two colors side-by-side, which was all the rage a few years ago, but they changed to a regular tube-and-wand style packaging not so long ago. I complained that I thought $22 was high for a tube of lipgloss, compared to the old round tins... and compared to a brand like MAC, whose lipglosses are around $14 each. While griping about the price, I still think Cargo's gloss is one of the best, so she got one.

Suddenly these glosses are $11 each on Sephora's website, and all the other Cargo products are half off as well! I was wondering if it was some kind of error that by some miracle no one had caught, because it wasn't marked 50% off or "sale". I got excited. Before placing a web order, DD suggested I go to a Sephora location to see if that pricing was the same at the store, so we did, and it is!

I made out like a bandit and got 2 lipsticks, 1 lip brush (and Cargo's wide, stiff, flat lip brush is my favorite lip brush of all time. I already had one... now I have two!), the giant "Big Bronzer" which is the size of a salad plate, a "Suedeblush", 1 lipgloss (has no fragrance), and one Blu Ray lipgloss, which is minty... for just under $100 total.

06 December 2009

Double Rainbow Amazement

It truly is Oz-like in San Rafael. It's so beautiful, even when it's raining. Where else can you look over your fence and be greeted with a double rainbow?! No wonder people in Marin are so smug...

27 November 2009

Thanks, Apple

Shockingly (oh, how naive!), we've been out of a computer, off and on, for just about two months now. A one-year old Apple iMac whatever (early 2008 20" iMac), purchased September of 2008, crashed suddenly. Good thing we had purchased the extended warranty Apple Care whatever, allowing us to take the machine to the Apple Genius Bar (rather than being shit-out-of-luck, as we would have been had we not purchased the extended warranty Apple Care) and be told the hard drive was dead, likely due to a manufacturing error. They replaced the hard drive (took seven days) and then we got it back and it still didn't work. Back and forth to the Genius Bar we go... now it's the logic board... wait, no it's not... repeat three times. Finally a traveling Genius (Mac Medic) comes to our house... opens the machine, tells us that the in-store Genius ruined a cable (the cable looks like a Listerine breath strip) with a tweezer, and he's going to suggest we be sent a replacement machine.

Apparently the FOURTH REPAIR is the ticket: if your machine needs a fourth repair they will replace your machine.

The new machine was released November 1st, but we didn't get it till November 12th, because of course it came from China and then went to Alaska and finally came to California.

Whew! The moral of the story is... I'm not sure what the moral of the story is! Apple could take a lesson from Zappos!

25 November 2009

Shadow Fun

One of my favorite shadows to make is the vulgar penis shadow. You do this by clasping your hands together, bending your knees a bit, and holding your combined hands between your legs so your shadow looks like you have a giant penis. We used to do this in middle school and for some reason I STILL think it's hilarious and usually can crack myself up by doing it over and over again.